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The Safety Inspection at Dutch Fork High School

Story by Anjali McDaniel

The school had a safety inspection a few weeks ago to monitor any hazards, construction, health, sanitation, and overall safety of the school. Continue reading “The Safety Inspection at Dutch Fork High School”

Adjusting to the New Semester Classes

Story by Jada Metze

The first semester classes have recently ended and now it is time for teachers and students to switch classes and take on a new semester and new people. Continue reading “Adjusting to the New Semester Classes”

Influenza breakout

Story by Sabrina Santos

When winter comes, so do many illnesses. This winter influenza, commonly known as the flu, has spread throughout Irmo. A good way to avoid getting the flu is getting the flu vaccine. Continue reading “Influenza breakout”

Ms. Silver Fox

Story By Anjali McDaniel

The Ms. Silver Fox Pageant is a pageant for the girls at Dutch Fork High School to participate in expressing themselves and showing their confidence and beauty to their school, family, and friends. Continue reading “Ms. Silver Fox”

Dutch Fork Prepares for Midterm Exams

Story by Anjali McDaniel


The time to take midterm exams is closing in and students are preparing for them in different ways. Continue reading “Dutch Fork Prepares for Midterm Exams”


Written by Sabrina Santos

People today make many decisions based on impulse; teenagers are guilty of doing this often. Continue reading “Decisions”

Different Learning Strategies

Story by Jada Metze


There are many different strategies that students use to learn at school. This year, Dutch Fork is using a new tool called Actively Learn, which is being used often by students and staff. Continue reading “Different Learning Strategies”

Students on The First Quarter

Story by Anjali McDaniel


The first quarter of school has just ended. Students and teachers are ready to take on the next quarter with a few goals in mind. Continue reading “Students on The First Quarter”

New Faces this School Year

Story by Sabrina Santos


There are many new faces at Dutch Fork this year that are being welcomed by students and staff. Continue reading “New Faces this School Year”

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