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DFHS graduate makes history at Georgia Tech

Story by Christian Banks and Photos provided by Sabra Neal

Everyone wants to be remembered in some way whether it be leaving behind a legacy or making history. Dutch Fork graduate Dr. SaBra Neal did both, when she became the first African American to receive a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and paving way for other minorities interested in CSE. Continue reading “DFHS graduate makes history at Georgia Tech”

The National Merit Scholarship offers opportunities to students

Story by Anjali McDaniel

New ideas, new opportunities, and new lifes start when students are offered the National Merit Scholarship for their hard working dedication throughout their high school careers. Continue reading “The National Merit Scholarship offers opportunities to students”

Alexandria Hendrick named District Five Teacher of the Year

Story by Anjali McDaniel

Her kindness, spirit, warmth, friendliness, love of education and the heart of a good teacher is what won social studies teacher Alexandria Hendrick the title of District Teacher of the Year. Continue reading “Alexandria Hendrick named District Five Teacher of the Year”

Students and teachers find new solutions to make up work after ALEC closes

Story by Anjali McDaniel

With students missing school for various reasons, ALEC has been there to provide a workplace for students to finish their make up assignments during an appropriate time that is beneficial for them and teachers. Now, ALEC is closed and students must plan with their teachers to find an alternative to finish their work. Continue reading “Students and teachers find new solutions to make up work after ALEC closes”

New student council officers share stories of success

Story by Anjali McDaniel, Photo by Laura Santos

The hallways are filled with colorful posters, candy and pins are being handed out by students who are trying to win the votes of their peers, and speeches and campaign committees are all throughout the school. It’s student council election week and the votes are in for the new school leaders. Continue reading “New student council officers share stories of success”

Exams tempt students to cheat

Story by Anjali Mcdaniel, Photo by Christian Banks 

Full days, sleepless nights and physical aches and pains fuse with students’ mental anxiety as the end of the year approaches. The last six weeks of school bring final exams, End-of-Course and AP testing, and extra stress for students to deal with. As the academic year comes to a close, students should find ways to manage their time and stress levels to keep the temptation of cheating at bay. Continue reading “Exams tempt students to cheat”

The two remaining late starts has students preparing new morning routines

Written by Jada Metze,

With the school year coming to an end and only two more late starts left, there will be no more extra hours of sleep, relaxation, and Chick-fil-a will no longer have that buzzing, morning crowd that they are used to on Wednesday mornings. All of the students will now be required to be in class instead. Continue reading “The two remaining late starts has students preparing new morning routines”

Alexandria Hendrick represents Dutch Fork as one of the top three finalist for teacher of the year

Students practice new forms of intruder drills

Story by Jada Metze

Even though this was only a drill, there were still concerns on what was happening during With all of the recent school shootings that have been happening around the US, Dutch Fork High School is doing its best to prepare their students and staff for these types of situations as best as they possibly can.

Continue reading “Students practice new forms of intruder drills”

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