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From a senior: a reflection on high school


Story and photo by Trey Martin

As the days of the school year wind down, the realization that high school will be over has barely set in. Looking back over the years, there have been plenty of great memories of high school, and a lot of not so great ones as well.

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3 and up

Story by Haley Dixon


Everybody has at least heard of an AP exam, whether they themselves are taking an AP course or they know someone who is in an AP class. AP classes are classes that once completed, you are required to take an exam. If you pass the exam, you get college credit for the class. If you don’t, the time you spent in the class is essentially wasted. Continue reading “3 and up”

Why you should avoid “Senioritis”


Story by Haley Dixon

Seniors tend to experience a well-known phenomena called “senioritis.” During the second semester of the school year, right after winter break at the beginning of the new calendar year, the production starts to fall off.

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Dutch Fork celebrates most outstanding year ever


Story and photo by Trey Martin

For a school as large as Dutch Fork, the opportunity for success both in high school and out is high. The academic, artistic and athletic programs offered make Dutch Fork the best public high school in South Carolina and one of the best schools nationwide, but the 2016-17 calendar school year has taken the school to new heights.

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Midlands preps for severe weather threat


Story and photo by Trey Martin

Beginning Wednesday afternoon and lasting through Thursday morning, violent storms will be heading through the Southeast. The weather prompted District Five, as well as other districts around the midlands, to release students from school early.

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Spring Break saves the lives of exhausted students


Story and Photo by Trey Martin

As one looks outside, flowers bloom, trees and grass turn green, pollen fills the air and new life is everywhere, the sign that spring has sprung, but inside the classroom, students throughout Dutch Fork are doing the opposite.

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Building Fences


Story by Haley Dixon

Fences is a film that can only be described as a personal movie. It takes a deep look inside the life of the Maxson family, with father Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington), mother Rose Maxson (Viola Davis), and son Cory Maxson (Jovan Adepo). The film adaptation released in theaters Christmas 2016 is based off of the award winning play written by August Wilson.

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Dutch Fork still has plenty to be proud of

IMG_6903Story and photo by Trey Martin

Televisions throughout the school were tuned to ETV Tuesday afternoon to watch the live broadcast of the state’s Palmetto’s Finest announcement. Announcements were made and classes were changed to have as many people watch the event as possible, with anticipation hovering over the school after the five month process. Everything was set up perfectly to celebrate being named the finest school in the state of South Carolina, until it wasn’t.

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College readiness for dummies

IMG_8868 (1)Story and photo by Zakiya Austin


As the third quarter comes to a close, the end of the year means arrangements have to be made for seniors set to graduate on the first day of  June. Although underclassmen are not graduating quite yet, it’s never too early to start thinking up a plan. Continue reading “College readiness for dummies”

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