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Net neutrality repeal creates conversation, and causes controversy

Story and Photo by Justice Nawman

Slower internet speeds, paid premium packages for free forms of entertainment, and the restriction of certain websites once open to the public are just some of the harsh realities Americans will now possibly have to face. A new plan first introduced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Dec. 14, 2017, could possibly repeal what society knows as net neutrality. Continue reading “Net neutrality repeal creates conversation, and causes controversy”

Avengers: Infinity War leaves fans excited for next installment

Story by Caroline Harvey

With the opening weekend of the newest Avengers film, an electric buzz of excitement filled the air of theaters across the world. Parking spaces were scarce, ticket queues extended past stanchions, and reserved seating sold out within days as fans and moviegoers alike flocked to see if the movie was as intense as the trailers let on. Continue reading “Avengers: Infinity War leaves fans excited for next installment”

Youth by Shawn Mendes ft. Khalid, music review

Story by Christian Banks

Shawn Mendes is a nineteen-year-old musician who has already placed a mark on the world with his vocal skills and meaningful lyrics. In his song “Youth”, Mendes works with musician Khalid to give a voice to our generation while we face the challenges of the world. Continue reading “Youth by Shawn Mendes ft. Khalid, music review”

ALEC closing staff editorial

Story by Justice Nawman, Photos byCaroline Harvey

As the year is coming to a close, students want to finish out strong. ALEC (The Academic Learning Enrichment Center), was a great place to make up tests whenever it was convenient for the student. But just last week it was announced that ALEC would no longer be offered at school.    Continue reading “ALEC closing staff editorial”

We asked the Student Body: Marvel VS DC

The Netflix show Greenhouse Academy receives favorable reviews

Story by Warner Otto

The Greenhouse Academy, a Netflix original show that came out in 2017, is about two siblings named Haley and Alex whose mother had died a few months before, causing them to enroll in the Greenhouse Academy. The show is full of drama between characters including relationships and the popular group who think they’re better than everyone else. Continue reading “The Netflix show Greenhouse Academy receives favorable reviews”

A Quiet Place makes noise with successful box office run

Story by Justice Nawman

If they hear you, they hunt you. That is the general premise behind John Krasinski’s nail-biting horror flick A Quiet Place. Since its debut on April 6, 2018, the film has raked in more than 150 million dollars on a 17 million dollar budget, continuing to gain momentum and keep audiences on their toes worldwide. Continue reading “A Quiet Place makes noise with successful box office run”

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One attracts attention, and criticism

Story by Caroline Harvey

Millions upon millions of people go to one place for the same reason: to escape reality into a virtual reality. Pixels make up everything you see, everyone you meet, a whole new currency system created for this place of refuge, creativity, and inspiration. You can be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, all for the sake of escape. Continue reading “Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One attracts attention, and criticism”

Top 5 movie releases of 2018

Story by Michelle Lane

For movie goers, 2018 is looking to be good year. Many films have been announced and people are stoked for this year’s new releases. Continue reading “Top 5 movie releases of 2018”

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