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Women’s Marches Foreshadow a New Beginning

Story by Michelle Lane

Last week kicked off the second organized women’s march of what CNN calls Trumpmerica. Continue reading “Women’s Marches Foreshadow a New Beginning”

BJ’s Brewhouse

Story by Alexandria Sessions & Justice Nawman

The new brewhouse on Harbison, BJ’s, is a great place to catch a major game, whether it be baseball or soccer, they’ve got it. Continue reading “BJ’s Brewhouse”

Frustration Rampant due to Unreliable Wi-fi

Story and Photo by Alexandria Sessions

Students came back from a two-week winter break ready to hit the ground running in preparation for the second semester. Teachers arrived with lessons prepared, but it was merely impossible because the wifi was not working. Continue reading “Frustration Rampant due to Unreliable Wi-fi”

Last Call Pitches: Pitch Perfect not so perfect

Story by Grace Whisman

Last week I was given the opportunity to see Pitch Perfect 3, Last Call Pitches at AMC Classic Harbison 14.

After previously viewing and enjoying Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, with its great sense of humor and romance, I was very disappointed with how Pitch Perfect 3 felt like more of a bad action movie than an actual comical romance. Continue reading “Last Call Pitches: Pitch Perfect not so perfect”

Dare to be Different

Story and Photos by Grace Whisman

Differences in people make every person unique. If people did not have differences then they would not learn from their experiences. Continue reading “Dare to be Different”

Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors

Story and Photo by Caroline Harvey, and Alexandria Sessions


After a student brought a gun on campus here, students and adults began to question our safety and ways to improve it. One main safety procedure now being discussed by school administrators, is the installation of metal detectors. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors”

Goodreads, Perfect Home for Readers

Story by Alexandria Sessions


Attention all readers. There’s a social platform where books are the star of the show. Books, books, and more books; it sounds scary for  non-readers, but just wait and see why Goodreads is worth it. Continue reading “Goodreads, Perfect Home for Readers”

Thor Ragnarok Review

Story by Caroline Harvey, 


Last week, Regal Cinemas hosted a fan event for Marvel’s latest movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The film has been given positive reviews by multiple sources, including a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. I was lucky enough to be able to reserve a ticket to the event. Continue reading “Thor Ragnarok Review”

Using Classcraft to Engage Students

Story and Photo by Alexandria Sessions


The words ‘grades’, ‘quest’, ‘assignments’, and ‘dragons’ should never be used in the same sentence, but this time they are. Classcraft is a new and exciting way to get students involved in learning. Continue reading “Using Classcraft to Engage Students”

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