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Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors

Story and Photo by Caroline Harvey, and Alexandria Sessions


After a student brought a gun on campus here, students and adults began to question our safety and ways to improve it. One main safety procedure now being discussed by school administrators, is the installation of metal detectors. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors”

Goodreads, Perfect Home for Readers

Story by Alexandria Sessions


Attention all readers. There’s a social platform where books are the star of the show. Books, books, and more books; it sounds scary for  non-readers, but just wait and see why Goodreads is worth it. Continue reading “Goodreads, Perfect Home for Readers”

Thor Ragnarok Review

Story by Caroline Harvey, 


Last week, Regal Cinemas hosted a fan event for Marvel’s latest movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The film has been given positive reviews by multiple sources, including a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. I was lucky enough to be able to reserve a ticket to the event. Continue reading “Thor Ragnarok Review”

Using Classcraft to Engage Students

Story and Photo by Alexandria Sessions


The words ‘grades’, ‘quest’, ‘assignments’, and ‘dragons’ should never be used in the same sentence, but this time they are. Classcraft is a new and exciting way to get students involved in learning. Continue reading “Using Classcraft to Engage Students”

Students battle with decision between paper or technology

Story by Alexandria Sessions

Even though the dispute about using Chromebooks over iPads has been settled and Chromebooks came out on top, many students who prefer paper over technology fight a new battle. Continue reading “Students battle with decision between paper or technology”

Netflix or Hulu?

Teenagers enjoy every single moment they can to binge watch their favorite TV shows or movies, but what do they choose? Netflix or Hulu? Continue reading “Netflix or Hulu?”

Better Late Than Never

Story by Grace Whisman, Photo by Alexandria Sessions

Students all look forward to that day of the week when they can sleep in an extra hour.  Being a student myself, I enjoy any moment of extra sleep that I can get. But is that really what is best for me, or for every other student? Why not be early instead of late for a change? Continue reading “Better Late Than Never”

Will You Break the Law?

Story by Alexandria Sessions

Deciding what to wear for Halloween may be out of the question for Dutch Fork students.

The two most asked questions in October are ‘Who or what are you going to be for Halloween?’ and ‘Aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?’ and the answer politically, is yes. Continue reading “Will You Break the Law?”

Costume Ready!

Photo by Allie Sessions

Senior Brianna King looks for a costume idea online. While waiting for the bell, Brianna looks forward to Halloween activities. “I’m looking forward to Deceased Farm and Scarowinds.”

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