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With a new softball coach, softball team looks to get back to the playoffs

Story by Stephen Wise, Poto courtesy of GoFlashWin

After a second-round exit in the 5A playoffs last season, Dutch Fork softball announced William Voelker as its head coach. That coaching change has already paid off, as the team is in a position to make a run in the playoffs. With an increase in overall team chemistry, the mental mistakes the team made last year have been cut back, fostering a sense of confidence in their ability that’s kicking in during the most important stretch in the season. Continue reading “With a new softball coach, softball team looks to get back to the playoffs”

Jumping through the roof: Dallas Wise looks to build upon record setting season

Story by Stephen Wise, Photos by Goflashwin and Ryan Harris 

Defying gravity. It’s a habit of high jump extraordinaire Dallas Wise, a standout junior on the track team.  In his first year of track last season, his jumping vaulted him all the way to a second place finish in the state. This year, he’s back and hungry for more, hoping to finish the season with a ring on his finger.

Continue reading “Jumping through the roof: Dallas Wise looks to build upon record setting season”

Student-athletes’ collegiate career begins with signing day

Photo and Story by Stephen Wise

On Wednesday, February 7th, recruits all across the nation put pen to paper and committed to continue both their athletic and academic career collegiately. Seven Dutch Fork athletes joined the thousands of young athletes whose playing careers don’t end on graduation day. Continue reading “Student-athletes’ collegiate career begins with signing day”

“Unfinished Business”: Boys’ lacrosse team is back for revenge

Story by Stephen Wise, Photos by Goflashwin

Hands on their hips, brows soaked in sweat, their season was over at the hands of their rivals. This year, they are not planning on feeling that defeat again. The boys’ lacrosse team coined the term “Unfinished Business” over the offseason and are intent on putting everything they have into every game with the hopes of winning a state championship. Continue reading ““Unfinished Business”: Boys’ lacrosse team is back for revenge”

Student athletes request safer practice environments

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Alexandria Sessions

The crack of the bat, the heavy footfalls after leaping over hurdles, these are the sounds of athletes hard at work throughout tough practices. Their minds were on their next competition, eyes fixated on capturing a state title. This week, things are not the same. Continue reading “Student athletes request safer practice environments”

New uniforms for the baseball team

Story by Morgan Wilkinson and Alexandria Sessions, Photo by Goflashwin 

As the season starts for the baseball team, who is now kicking off their games off with trendy fashion. The baseball team looks forward to another year of great achievements and new uniforms to show off on the field. Continue reading “New uniforms for the baseball team”

Frisbee Club gives the Ultimate opportunity to get Involved

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Ammar Dossaji

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer. These are the sports that come to mind when you talk about getting active and playing a sport. The ultimate frisbee club looks to change that mindset. Continue reading “Frisbee Club gives the Ultimate opportunity to get Involved”

Level up!

Story by Stephen Wise and Morgan Wilkinson, Photo by Goflashwin

For coach Casey Waites and the baseball program, there is no offseason. After the conclusion of the spring season, work must be put in year round in order to maintain excellence, which is the ultimate goal for every player. That drive is accelerated when former players like TJ Shook and Jordan Beatson go on to play college baseball, which inspires current players to reach that level. Continue reading “Level up!”

Mr. White

Story by Stephen Wise, Morgan Wilkenson, and Caroline Hine

Photo by Tiffany Robinson


Dutch Fork students know Floyd White as an administrator, but there is another side to the assistant principal that most students are not aware of. White was an avid basketball player in high school, and was coached by Dutch Fork’s own varsity basketball coach, Bret Jones. Continue reading “Mr. White”

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