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Administration works towards school safety

Story by Warner Otto, Photo by Christian Banks

It has only been a month into the new year, and there have already been 11 school shootings across the United States. Schools have to worry about how to keep students safe during school. A few months ago, a student at school was in possession of a gun, but no one ended up getting hurt. Schools take certain measures to make sure students and faculty feel safe at school. Continue reading “Administration works towards school safety”

Annual D5 Be A Fan 5k fun run

Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Kelly Payne 

The annual District Five Be A Fan 5k fun run was last Saturday, as people gathered in the bus loop at Dutch Fork High School. Continue reading “Annual D5 Be A Fan 5k fun run”

Lack of Internet Frustrates Students and Teachers

Story by Warner Otto

Last week, when students returned to school from winter break, the internet was down. Students use their school-issued Chromebooks to get work done, so without internet, the students and teachers had to adjust to having no internet. Continue reading “Lack of Internet Frustrates Students and Teachers”

Lana Stalling prepares to dance her last Winter Concert

Story by Warner Otto

As the first semester draws to a close, that means that it’s getting closer to saying goodbye to the seniors, including Lana Stallings On Thursday and Friday night, she took part in her last winter dance concert. Continue reading “Lana Stalling prepares to dance her last Winter Concert”

Addam’s Family

Story by Laura Santos & Adell Pitts

The drama department is putting on The Addams Family Musical. Auditions were held before the Thanksgiving break. Continue reading “Addam’s Family”

Food Drive in Dutch Fork Commons

Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Adell Pitts


This year, student council is holding a food drive for those in need this season. Continue reading “Food Drive in Dutch Fork Commons”

Dutch Fork Prepares for Midterm Exams

Story by Anjali McDaniel


The time to take midterm exams is closing in and students are preparing for them in different ways. Continue reading “Dutch Fork Prepares for Midterm Exams”

Student finds new life after injury

Story by Warner Otto


Junior football player De’Ante Brown tore his ACL and has had to sit on the sidelines as his team continues to play this year. He had to learn how to deal with his injury and take the time to recover in order to get better. The process of recovery can be long and difficult, but that’s what it takes in order to heal. Continue reading “Student finds new life after injury”

Halloween traditions are shared among students and staff

Story by Morgan Wilkinson, Photo by Anjali McDaniel


Each year, Halloween acts as many students’ favorite holiday. The activities involved in this eventful time includes pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and dressing up. With autumn in full swing, Halloween quickly approaches and students prepare for fun Halloween traditions, festivities, and activities that make the holiday exciting. Continue reading “Halloween traditions are shared among students and staff”

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