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Spotlight: dancing through life

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Story and photo by Zakiya Austin

Dutch Fork is home to many extraordinary scholars, athletes, and leaders. Among them is senior Rachel Crockett. Rachel is captain of the schools Dazzlers dance team and apart of the Dance V Honors program here at Dutch Fork High School.

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Seniors take one step closer to graduation

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Story by Lindsay Long, Destiny White and Hannah Wright, photo by Sam Aaron.

With the much anticipated day of graduation coming up in nearly two months, seniors are becoming ecstatic and anxious for the upcoming weeks.

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Sworn in


Story by Chyna Wallace, photo from Ana Daichendt

The time finally came for Ana Daichendt to be given the certificate that says she was officially an American Citizen. For her to get to this satisfying moment, she had to go through a long process.

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Holiday assemby gets students excited for winter break

img_0883Story by Lindsay Long, Max Franks, Warner Otto, photo by Lindsay Long


As the first semester comes to a close, hard-working students are beyond ready and ecstatic for a well-deserved 2 week break from school. The holiday assembly with performances by chorus, orchestra, band, and the Dazzlers helps to conclude the first half of the year and excite students for a break. Continue reading “Holiday assemby gets students excited for winter break”

Students get through the first semester and enter semester exams

Story by Warner Otto, Lindsay Long, and Max Franks


With the semester ending that doesn’t just mean exams, it also means moving on into new classes for most. It can be both stressful and exciting moving into new classes. Continue reading “Students get through the first semester and enter semester exams”

New Year

Story by Warner Otto, Lindsay Long, and Max Franks


2016 is out the door, and most are excited about 2017’s new horizon. 2016 was a big year, with many ups and downs. Many students have big things planned for 2017. Continue reading “New Year”

Students prepare to get out of school to enjoy Christmas break

file_000-1Story by Warner Otto, Lindsay Long, and Max Franks, photo by Warner Otto


As students prepare for exams, the start of excitement happens as Christmas break approaches. Students start to make plans for their much needed break. Continue reading “Students prepare to get out of school to enjoy Christmas break”

Band Competition

Story by Lindsay Long, Warner Otto, Max Franks


You may not think that band is all that exciting, but they have a strong competitive spirit. Continue reading “Band Competition”

Excessive phone usage in teenagers

Story by Lindsay Long, Warner Otto, and Max Franks


It’s the 21st century, and all Americans have at least one technological device in their home, or on them at all times. The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, and high school students exceed that amount. There are many apps and websites that attract the attention of people, including social media and instant messaging. Continue reading “Excessive phone usage in teenagers”

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