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DFHS graduate makes history at Georgia Tech

Story by Christian Banks and Photos provided by Sabra Neal

Everyone wants to be remembered in some way whether it be leaving behind a legacy or making history. Dutch Fork graduate Dr. SaBra Neal did both, when she became the first African American to receive a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and paving way for other minorities interested in CSE. Continue reading “DFHS graduate makes history at Georgia Tech”

AP testing and the students preparation for it

Story by Malaysia Golson  Continue reading “AP testing and the students preparation for it”

Dutch Fork artists head for Europe

Story by Alexandria Session and Grace Whisman

“Well it’s not like we are going to tons of art museums like our last trip, but we are going to be seeing a lot of historical sites which is a lot about what we talk about in art history, art architecture, and how its changed over the centuries. We are also going to be viewing a glass blowing demo in Vienna,” Chason said. Continue reading “Dutch Fork artists head for Europe”

Four boxes in the commons

Story by Laura Santos, Photo provided by Kelly Payne

Four big brown boxes in front of columns in the commons. The boxes are Beta Club book bag donations now through the end of the school year.  

“We put little boxes around the school and anyone can put in backpacks they are not using or not using and we give them to resurrections nonprofit who work for Saint Mary’s that works downtown,” freshman Nicholas Ciriello said. Continue reading “Four boxes in the commons”

CESA donates to special needs

Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Ta’nya Davis

Carolina Exceptional Student Alliance (CESA)donated money to the self-contained special education classroom. With the 1,200 dollar donation, the classroom uses it to buy equipment and services. Continue reading “CESA donates to special needs”

Dance department showcases talents from throughout the year

Story and Photos by Alexandria Sessions

Hard work to any dancer is being able to stick that landing, stay on beat, and mirror the emotions of a song into the choreography, and this is exactly what the Dutch Fork dance department accomplished on Thursday and Friday night. Continue reading “Dance department showcases talents from throughout the year”

Seniors celebrate with College Decision Day

Story by Alexandria Sessions, Photos by Michelle Lane

Colleges all across the nation want to celebrate seniors for their acceptance into the college of their choice. By doing so, Dr. Donna Huger, Director of School Counseling and the rest of the counseling staff, come together to create a celebratory environment and get students excited about their college choices and futures.   Continue reading “Seniors celebrate with College Decision Day”

Students plan to dress to express

Story by Grace Whisman, Photo by Alexandria Sessions

The most exciting night of the year: Prom. A couple of hours of window shopping for the perfect dress and tailored suits define the elegant night that brings memory.Whether it be good or bad, every high school story ends with prom, with it being one of the biggest nights of students’ lives. Prom gives every student a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime, whether someone is looking to enjoy prom with a group of friends or is hoping for a special night with a significant other. Continue reading “Students plan to dress to express”

Representative, Student Council is elected

Story by Michelle Lane and Alexandria Sessions, Photos by Michelle Lane

Students across the campus prepare to vote for the biggest and most important people of Dutch Fork High: Our representatives for the 2018-19 school year. With many students making ‘memeingful’ posters and others selling the ‘dum-dum’ approve its a mans game, the election is important for different reasons. Continue reading “Representative, Student Council is elected”

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