by Carina Leaman, Sean Reihm, and Jamie Mason

During the weekend of April fourth to the sixth, District Five students put on a showstopping performance of Aida.

In the musical, Aida is a Nubian woman who is kidnapped and taken to Egypt during a time of war between the two countries. The ensuing plot follows the forbidden romance sparked with an Egyptian captain and the “Elaborate lives” of the people living in the palace; filled with plot twists, romance and fight scenes, the musical was a huge hit with those who attended April 3-6.

Students from all over District Five had various roles in the play, though Irmo and Dutch Fork students made up the majority of the cast. From the lead to the ensemble to the lighting and technical issues, students ran the show.

“I am in ensemble. At one point I’m, like, a slave, and at the next point I’m a palace servant, so it just depends. We play the minor roles,” freshman Olivia Young said.

This is the third year that District Five has held a district wide musical, the musicals help bring the district together.

“I think (having the annual musical)’s a good thing; it’s rounding the student body really well, and giving lots of options to students,” freshman Autumn Bennett said.

Four months of hard work went into the play as rehearsals and work started in January.

“We started auditions in January, so we’ve been working on it since the beginning of this year. [The time frame of putting the play together] is more professional, because in professional theater they do shows in a couple of month,” junior Shelby Beasley said. “It’s a good way to introduce, especially for the kids who want to continue with theater, how it’s gonna work.”

Time management was key to the performers success in the play. But as students attempted to balance the long rehearsals, homework, studying, social work and sleep, they agree that it was a challenge to get everything done.

“It’s really tough because towards the end when it gets closer to the show we have really late rehearsals, but it’s really important to get your sleep…because you can be ready for the show but it’s important to do your school work, so it’s hard to manage but it’s somewhat doable. You can do your homework during rehearsal,” junior Eneida Rivera said.

The amount of time put into the musical clearly paid off during the performances.

“A lot [of effort]…We actually had a 10 hour tech (rehearsal) this Saturday…we have rehearsal every day from 4-8. All of the drama teachers, like Mrs. Victor and Mr. Brown…they all helped us a ton and put in all types of effort,” Olivia said.

Cast members agree that the musical helped create life-long memories and friends.

“It’s so much fun, it’s such a great time, and I love my cast. It’s helped me as an actor, and it’s been really beneficial to me as a person,” Shelby said. “We’re like one big family.”