By Carina Leaman, Jamie Mason, and Sean Reihm

Students and a cardboard cutout of Gatsby himself attended prom, twerking and grinding to celebrate the end of the year.

Popular culture influences the theme for prom each year, and Dutch Fork’s prom was no exception.  In lieu of the massive popularity of the recently released film, The Great Gatsby was this year’s theme for prom.

“I thought the theme was interesting because Gatsby is one of my favorite books and movies,” junior Twinkle Loungani said.

But despite the popularity of Gatsby, many students believe the theme was not executed well enough.

“The theme itself as Gatsby was cool, but I wish there were more decorations,” junior Glenn Niles III said. “Two huge posters do not cut it.”

The theme for the night did not transfer over into the music genre or the dance style.

To some students, the slow dances were the highlight of the night. Senior Jade Williams recalled her favorite moment of the night to be slow dancing with her boyfriend.

But most students enjoyed more upbeat dancing styles, most of which had been banned by the school.

“The dancing did get a little over the top a few times, but hey, it’s a high school prom,” junior Jaelyn Garrett said.

Students blamed the music style for the twerking and grinding on the dance floor.

“Well our generation is fond of twerking or grinding or the new age of ‘dirty dancing’,” Glenn said. “If teachers want line dancing then the DJ should have played different songs.”

Prom can be an expensive night of twerking for high schoolers. However, some students got creative with the cost.

“Prom wasn’t too bad cost wise for me,” senior Grace McCants said. “I was lucky and found my dress on sale and did my own hair and makeup. The most expensive thing was the tickets and the prom dinner, but it was all worth it.”

For most students, the after prom party is the most exciting part of the evening.

“No [I didn’t go to an after prom party] but I wanted to,” Glenn said.

But some decided to go small scale when it came to celebrating the rest of the evening.

“After prom, my date and best friends and I all went back to one of our houses and watched a movie,” Grace said. “We had a great time just talking and hanging out with each other.”

Students are already brainstorming future prom theme ideas to make the dance unforgettable.

“I would say something international, like, “a night in Paris” or something [would be a good theme],” Jaelyn said.

Even if this year’s prom lacked what most students expected, the glorified view of the dance will still attract students next year.

“I am planning to go to prom next year with my other group of friends,” Twinkle said. “I hope that next year will be better than this one!”