by Carina Leaman, Sean Reihm, and Jamie Mason

Students put on their political shoes as Student Body Elections were held before Spring Break.

There are several new faces entering into their first year of service on the council, but most have served in prior years and are returning to the council. Student Council is a way for students to vote for who they want to represent the student body.

“I think they’re important because you’re deciding who’s going to be representing you as a student, collectively as a student, so you should elect someone that you can trust,” senior Nicholas Adams said.

Senior members of student council oversaw the elections in order to prevent corruption in the process.

“I currently serve as one of the student body public relations officers, so only seniors can deal with all the voting matters because we’re not running again therefore we’re not going to be biased or try to rig any elections,” senior Jo Klasnic said.

The voting process was quick and simple, making it easy and fair.

“So what we do, we facilitate it by if a student comes up and wants to vote we have the password to log into the form for them to vote, we cross off their names so that no one can vote twice and then we basically allow them to use their democratic rights to pick who they choose to be the best candidate,” Jo said.

For many students, figuring out who to vote for was a challenge.

“No [I didn’t vote because] a lot of my friends were running and I didn’t want to make anybody upset for who I was voting for,” sophomore Avery Allen.

Though many people think the student elections are a positive thing, there are some students who disagree.

“There’s really no way…even if I was to vote for them, I really have no say in what goes on in the school, that’s up to the principal. No matter what we say we’re never going to change it, whether I vote for somebody or not…it’s not a democracy. We’re stripped of that,” junior, Katie Dodge said.

In the student body positions, juniors twins Graham and Blake Ellis were elected to the Student Body President and Vice President positions respectively. The tandem ran unopposed, and are excited to be working together.

“I’m very excited to be in a leadership position with my brother next year,” junior Blake Ellis said. “Although it will be hard to take him seriously sometimes because he is my brother, I think we have the same ideas about a lot of things and will work together well.”

Junior Emily Wells was elected Student Body Secretary in a three-way race with junior Hannah Anderson and junior Hannah Salter, and juniors Caroline Sinegar and Collin James were elected Student Body Activities Directors over sophomore Prentiss Edmonds. Junior Kayla Braun was also elected Student Body Clubs and Elections Officer.

In the race for the Senior Class representatives, junior Glenn Niles upset both junior Daniel Steger and junior Carter Edenfield for Senior Class president.

All previous representatives for the sophomore class at present were elected to the same positions to represent the junior class. Sophomore Jesse Tompkins won a close race with fellow sophomore Hamilton McAfee for Junior Class President, sophomore Rebecca Norris outdistanced sophomore Rachel Rorie for Junior Class Secretary, and Sam Fuhr as well as Sean Riehm ran unopposed for Junior Class Treasurer and Junior Class Vice President respectively.

“It was a bit crazy during voting week,” Sam said, “but things worked out for the best and I’m super excited about it. Working continuously next year will definitely be something I’m looking forward to!”

For the next Sophomore Class representatives, Freshmen Lindsay Shealy and Duane Harvin continue their tenure in the Student Council as Sophomore Class President and Vice President. Freshmen Tyler Estridge was elected Sophomore Class Treasurer, and Anslee Turner was elected to Sophomore Class Secretary.

Though entering into one’s first year of service on the council may seem daunting, many, like Tyler, assure that there are no fears.

“I’m not nervous at all,” Tyler said, “I’m just excited to help my school and my community.”

Several positions are yet to be filled, including Student Body Treasurer, the Student Body Parliamentarians, and the next Freshman representatives. All positions will be interviewed for within the coming weeks to ensure every office is taken by the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

Amidst the drama, suspense, and action of Elections, it is always important to remember why they are held.

“You’re deciding who’s going to be representing you as a student and collectively as a student body,” senior Nicholas Adams said, “So you should elect someone that you can trust.