By: Hayley Younginer

We have all seen it. We have all been a victim of it. It happens in the hallways, the stairwells, the parking lot, the cafeteria…everywhere.That is right, you guessed it. I am talking about PDA.

More commonly known as Public Display of Affection, PDA is a serious epidemic that plagues the halls of Dutch Fork High School.

If you have ever felt personally victimized by a couple sucking face at school, my thoughts are with you. It seems that in high school, every couple is stuck with this idea that if they do not see each other between every block, at every lunch, or in the parking lot, the forces that be will inevitably end their relationship and banish them from ever publicly displaying their affection again.

Sorry to be a debby-downer, but in a recent study, data revealed that only 2% of high school relationships last. If I just broke your heart and you ran to go delete your wedding board on pinterest, (yikes, you need a social life) you have my apologies, but it is reality.

The majority of high school relationships do not last.

Let me break it down for you. When it comes to high school relationships, the best bet is probably to just not have any expectations whatsoever. Like, at all.

Girls: please stop expecting to see your boyfriend outside of your window at midnight with a stereo over his head playing your favorite song. It will NOT happen–especially not in highschool, of all places.

If you have yourself a sweet boyfriend/girlfriend and they listen to you, respect you, and only annoy you 75% of the time, you have got yourself a keeper for the next month or so or however long it takes for you to break up.

Ah, break ups.

In this glorious technological era, we have taken break-ups to a whole new height. If anything, you fight with your significant other, do not talk to them for a week, turn your read receipts off, and then proceed to block them on twitter (ooh, burn). This is what high school relationships have come to and quite frankly, it is embarrassing.

But wait, there is more. Let me try to understand this from a guy’s perspective.

Guys: You need to be respectful. Understand that privacy is valued among relationships and once that is broken, so is the bond you and your girlfriend had.

Oh, wait…I forgot. Nowadays, us high school students do not have girlfriends/boyfriends, instead we have people to whom we “talk to”.

Moment of silence because that is seriously one of the most absurd, idiotic things I have ever heard.

I get it, guys. You do not want the whole ‘title’ thing because it adds pressure, blah blah blah. Honestly, if you cared enough about the girl, you would want everyone to know. You would not hide her or pretend you did not know her whenever you saw her in public.

Likewise, girls should value a good guy. The whole concept of the ‘friendzone’ drives me insane. We would not have friendzoned you in the first place if you would have just been honest and told us up front that you had feelings.

So, if you take anything from this, take the fact that high school is for finding out who you will be. Everyone says it will be the best four years of your life; however they lied. Just focus on who you want to become, and learn to be independent because nothing but hard work and determination will get you to where you want to be.


Drama 5 adapts classic work

By: Josh Imholte, Hayley Younginer, Sean Riehm

Literature is a gift given unto this society and throughout history, people have adapted works of literature into tangible reality in which an audience can see it rather than imagine it. Drama 5’s production of Alice: Through A Cubist’s Glass was one of those productions.

One might recall the timeless classic in which the young heroine, Alice, follows the White Rabbit and falls down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Here, she encounters many odd characters and goes on marvelous adventures. One might also recall Through The Looking Glass, a sort of continuation of the adventures in Wonderland that Lewis Carroll wrote for Alice. Instead of falling down the rabbit hole, Alice passes through The Looking Glass. A portal, disguised as a mirror in Alice’s house, which leads to Wonderland. The story is almost exactly the same, other than she meets a few more characters. But Drama 5’s production, Alice: Through a Cubist’s Glass, was nothing like these stories. It had it’s own style and feel. It was an adaptation of Through the Looking Glass in which Pablo Picasso, the famous painter, falls asleep reading Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass and dreams of Alice and her adventures through his perspective.

This adaptation, created by Dutch Fork’s own, Dr. Cynthia Seel, showed great tribute to the theater and showcased many of Dutch Fork’s talented students. Improvisation, Slapstick humor, clever twists, and well designed feeling of suspense throughout the play encompassed the production, and made for an enjoyable experience. The actors portrayed their roles with ease. Shelby Beasley, who was cast in the role of Alice, played her part wonderfully; she commanded the stage, looked and came across as very natural and refined, and even captured the reserved, almost wary attitude one would certainly possess when encountering the creatures behind the looking glass. Both queens did a wonderful job; Kiki Mays, cast as the temperamental Red Queen transitioned hilariously from proper, elegant english speech to what can only be described as Madea-esque screams of rage, and kept audiences rolling with laughter. Darla Nitsch, who played the White Queen, provided well-timed comic relief with her stereotypical New York accent, in addition to her impressive talent for improv. Her rousing rendition of the White Queen’s fish poem, surmounted by the passing off of the “Royal Weave”, should be up for a Grammy. The Mad Hatter, played by Collin Anderson, was wonderfully mad, and Darien Long, who played Humpty Dumpty and Tiger Lilly , stole many of the scenes he was included in.

The stage crew made great transitions throughout the performance and showed great understanding and timing whilst doing so.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Their was both great acting as well as dreadful acting. Several actors showed a thorough knowledge of their roles, but their acting seemed forced. They gave off a vibe that they had just learned their lines a week ago. Voice projection was also an issue; many times actors were more concerned with nailing the perfect accent rather than being discernible, and it became very difficult to hear the farther away from the stage you sat. In a few scenes, even more astounding, actors had their backs to the audience, which even from my knowledge of theater, is a huge no-no. This took away from the general effect of the play. The stage also showed trouble in sound and lighting. Every time music was introduced into a scene, it would end at an awkward time so the actors would be confused on where to start speaking and the lighting was sporadic and poorly managed.

The parts of the Acrobat and the Fool were frustrating. While they were well acted, they required more explanation as to their significance and role in the story than was given to be fully understood.

But perhaps the most confusing part of Alice: Through a Cubist’s Glass was the plot. No back story was provided and most of the audience was expecting the Disney movie. Since this was a version of the story in which Picasso imagines the adventures of Alice, the audience seemed to be more interested in looking at their programs trying to figure out what was going on rather than actually watching the play.

But regardless of foul-ups and problems, Alice:Through a Cubist’s Glass was an enjoyable and humorous experience which stayed true to the original literature and provided the audience with a few great laughs and the arousing question of, “Are we all really mad here?”.


The digital age, the destruction of music as we know it

By: Sean Riehm

Let’s travel back in time for a moment, to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; the three decades when adults found a night of fun at the disco or the dance club and jovial adolescents frequented the barstool seats of drugstore soda fountains or spent an endless number of quarters on Pac-man and Galaga at the arcade.

When a gallon of gas was a quarter, when television only had five stations, when the good was “far-out” and “groovy”, “so money” and “tubular”, and the bad a “bummer”… “to the max”. When people marched for civil rights and peace, when people wore bell bottom jeans and grew their sideburns long. When one could get away with wearing leg warmers, a sweater and a miniskirt all at the same time, and in electric neon colors.

When there was only one or two AM radio stations, and FM was just finding its niche. When you camped out in your friend’s basement for hours, to just listen to his new vinyl record, or when a hi-fi stereo system was essential in order to hear the best quality music. When you put a dime in the juke and made mixtapes for your friend’s sweet sixteen and graduation, or when you found out about a new song through the radio, went down to the record store to scope out the 45, and eventually bought the album.

Bring back feelings of nostalgia? Maybe conjure up some old happy memories? I’m guessing not, considering what I mentioned was the stuff of my parents day, obviously not of mine.

However, in the minds of wistful adults and cultured teenagers, that time period was a golden age for music, one that the likes of has not been seen for upwards of 30 years. It was the age of the aptly named “superband”, with groups like U2 becoming global phenomenons and Aerosmith selling out arenas across the US. It was the age when the British invaded, not with guns and bombs, but with long hair and Yellow Submarines. It was the age when Rock and Roll wasn’t a dying art, but king of the airwaves; when Woodstock wasn’t synonymous with Eden in some young hipster’s mind, but an exceptional music festival that took place just a few years back. The list is endless.

But what makes this era so unique is that it occurred before the digital age, before the word “download” was part of our vernacular and computers populated every household. The shift from music being recorded on physical CD’s and records to digital MP3 and iTunes files, and the primary modem for listening to and discovering music moving from the radio to the internet is the single most important change in music since the invention of the phonograph and music recording. The rise of the Internet and computers has entirely annihilated our traditional paradigm of music, as well as the music business. Who needs a promoter when you have a million hits on Youtube? Who needs a record deal when you’re vine-famous? In the midst of all of the carnage, and in its most invidious fashion, the digital age has birthed an industry of piracy the likes of which have never before been imagined, let alone personified.

The digital age has become the methodic ruination of the traditional music industry, from which it will never recover.

For a band to get discovered in the old days, they used to have to go through promoters, agents, club and bar managers to score gigs, and then finally the record company to sign record deal; you toured and you toured and you toured, or you didn’t make it. Now, all it takes is a click here and click there, and with a flash of technological magic, your video is on Youtube or Instagram, and you can become instantly famous. What used to take long months and tiresome years,  now takes mere minutes. The rise of video sharing websites like Youtube and social media such as Instagram and Vine has destroyed what used to be a rampant demand for those who used to be involved in making musical artists famous, and the ranks of the men and women who occupy those positions grows thinner and thinner with each passing day.

As recently as when our current generation still sported babylothes and diapers, piracy as sporting baby clothes and diapers, piracy was still synonymous with high seas heists and daring buccaneers. Pirating music was recording a song off the radio onto their cassette tape, but even then it was of dreadful quality and pirating operations were still local and small-scale. In the present day, there are thousands upon thousands of domains and websites devoted to the downloading and uploading of “the free song”, code word for illegal pirated music. Individuals have even developed the “YouTube Converter”, which can convert music videos on the site to downloadable MP3 files as yet another modem for pirating music. An ever-increasing number of consumers are turning away from buying their music, whether it be on iTunes or in the music store, and opting for the free files, regardless of their illegality.

As the FBI warnings like to say, “Piracy is not a victimless crime”; as much as it seems harmless to download the latest Beyonce single off of Kazaa or BitTorrent, it hurts all of those involved in making the song, including your beloved Beyonce. Piracy prevents artists from making money off their singles and albums, in addition to the record company, producers, etc.. But, to play a little devil’s advocate here, when the best songs are $1.29 and new albums can fetch upwards of $15 or $16, its not hard to see why our frugal youth are saving their hard earned money and turning to free downloads. It may not be right, but hell, it’s free.

Back a few pages, I said that The digital age has become the methodic ruination of the traditional music industry, from which it will never recover. But that’s just it; it has become the bane of the traditional music industry, and while it has ended the practices of old, it has given rise to an entirely redesigned and ever-evolving music business. New genres such as the bass-shrieking dubstep and club-pounding trap have emerged to take full advantage of the influx of new technology and software. Music distributors are developing new ways to encode their tracks to make pirating them more difficult, and the FBI and RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) are cracking down on copyright infringers, with prison sentences up to five years and fines up to $250,000. It’s definitely safe to say that the music industry can not operate the same ways it did in the past, and must keep evolving to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

It’s not hard to see that the fashions, hairstyles, and vernacular of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are long-gone, and should never be exhumed, but with them goes the practices of a dying music industry, which operated the much the same way as it did since humanity could record sound. Its not that hard to see why, after all, laptops and YouTube are far groovier than a vinyl album or a cassette tape. I would say I’m going to miss it, but I gotta go check how many likes I got on Instagram for that video of my friend singing. He’s an aspiring musician by the way.


Second Semester Blues

By: Lacee Getter, Jamie Mason, Maddie Mason

The buzzer of your alarm goes off,  you wake up with a hint of nervousness in your chest, and your mom screams your name and tells you to get dressed, the first day of school in 2014 has arrived. Before winter break, some of us feel emotions of laziness, anxiety, and the anxiousness of getting out of school.

Winter break is a way to wind down and relax after a long semester of hard work and exams. Every second before winter break is just a blockade against the movement of time, especially with the addition of midterm exams. Once all the fun is over, returning back to school can either be a huge burden or a positive beginning for students. This sense of after break stress and anxiety is  called “Second Semester Blues”.

When coming back to school, our focus from christmas lights and sleeping in late has to switch back to waking up early and completing school assignments, this process can be a tedious and complex transition for many students. The pressure to finish off the first semester successfully is bigger than ever and conditioning for various sports start.

As students we all seem to struggle with “Second Semester Blues” but there is hope in this stressful situation. The feeling of anxiety can be quite overbearing, but there are many ways of handling the stress and tackling the new semester.

Using an agenda or planner is a smart way of  improving time management and balancing your schedule, writing down and keeping up with assignments is vital towards grades. You can visually see what you need to do which is good for visual or kinesthetic learners. Also when using a planner, you’re forced to think through your schedule and this process helps develop the skill of mental organization. Getting a good nights sleep will help keep you focused and pay attention in class, getting those notes is more important than watching that show! Last, but not least, have good study habits. Learning how and when to study helps keep students on top and ready to go.

Some of us automatically think negative or doubt ourselves when things get difficult, but being optimistic and thinking positive is a great way of building self confidence and decreasing stress. Having confidence and a positive attitude is key when going into a new semester, always have a good attitude no matter what.

Whenever things get stressful, you can take a deep breath in and tell yourself that everything will be okay and that you will succeed.


New artist begins to shine

By: Maddie Mason, Jamie Mason, Lacee Getter

Since she was a little girl, Zendaya has always been a singer/performer due to her parents’ love for music. As a girl, Zendaya went to an arts school so she could improve in singing and acting, which helped her get many roles in local plays. Zendaya’s career began when she auditioned for the Disney show Shake It Up in 2009; ever since, her career with Disney has skyrocketed.  She does not only have a career with Disney, but she also has a modeling career with Macy’s, Old Navy, Sears, and Mervyns.

Zendaya has been on Disney shows and now has her own album with eleven songs. The album ranges from mainly pop to urban. Her album came out this year and she signed with Hollywood Records.

When her first big hit “Replay” came out, it reached over 4 million views on YouTube in a period of four days. Zendaya’s other songs on her album are also big hits.

After listening to the song, it is easy to tell that it is targeting for a certain audience, mainly pre-teen females.

“Replay” is a pop song, but surprisingly it does not sound like a former Disney star is singing it at all. The song has a very professional sound, as if it was written and performed by a more experienced artist.

It is a very appealing song and it keeps the audience listening the whole time. It is fun to listen to and it does not get boring like some songs.

The artist really shows her voice in this song, her voice ranges throughout the song and it really helps people see how talented she is. Her talent of dance is also shown in the edgy and upbeat music video.

Although she is only 17 years old and got her fame from Disney channel, Zendaya is a young girl with a lot of potential and talent. Every time her song comes on it is hard not to sing and dance to it, the song is very edgy and very easy to listen to.

Zendaya is a young artist and did a great job with putting herself out in the music business and  by releasing “Replay” her career will probably grow.


Katy Perry “Roar” review

By: Jamie Mason, Maddie Mason, Lacee Getter

Ever since she was little, Katy Perry has been pursuing her singing career, in her freshman year of high school she earned her GED and began with her career. Known for her eccentric outfits and very colorful personality, Katy Perry has become a phenomenon in the music industry. With songs from the beginning like “Hot n Cold”, “California Girls”and “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry’s career easily took off. These songs attracted audiences because of the catchiness and fun vibes that they gave off.

Katy Perry signed her first record deal in 2007 with Capital Record; this started the Katy Perry phenomenon that has still lasted today. Katy Perry has seemed to dominate the charts and goes head to head with similar artists such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Manaj, and P!NK. They are all known for their ‘girl power’ inspired songs and crazy outfits.

Although most of her music attracts mainly teens, it’s easy to tell that her new music is for more than just the teenage demographic, but mainly everybody. The new song “Roar” is very catchy, which is typical coming from Katy Perry.

Perry’s new song “Roar” is just as catchy as her old songs, but this time, it has a lot more meaning to it than her old songs. How fun and catchy it is is no change however, but it definitely is a very meaningful and thoughtful song.

The song is on her new album “Prism” and it was one of the first songs to debut on the new album. Although it is easy to tell that Perry wrote the song from the quirkiness of the song, it is still a good song that a lot of people can easily relate to.

       The lyrics also have a lot of meaning, for example when she says, “I’ve got the eye of the tiger, the fighter, dancing through the fire cause I am the champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar. Louder, louder than the lion ‘cause I am the champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.” She is saying how strong she is and how she is going to prove it.

Also, some of the lyrics have to do with how she fell in love and got hurt from it, but eventually got back up, which a lot of people can relate to.

Perry makes this song so that she can prove to people that they can always get back up to the top after something has influenced their life.

At first, the song annoyed me and I did not enjoy it, but after listening to it a couple of times, I began to sing along and actually understand what the song was saying.

“Roar” is definitely a crowd pleaser, it can get anyone singing along and can easily put anyone in a better mood.  The song is very colorful and positive, in brief the song talks about how she has overcome many obstacles in her life and still came out as a champion. So, it is very obvious that the song has a positive vibe, and after listening to the song, I felt like a champion myself.


Meaning of the IGP

By: Jamie Mason, Lacee Getter, Maddie Mason 

Every year, the guidance office calls students up for their IGP meetings to plan their  schedules for the following school year.

Student schedules are based on teacher recommendations, the amount and required high

school credits needed, and the classes that the student chooses to take. Grades are an important aspect of teacher recommendations to be sure that students are placed in the right classes.

Each student is required to have a certain amount of credits in subjects such as math, english, social studies, science, foreign language, an art, physical education/rotc, and computer.

There’s also choices of either taking college preparatory, honors, or advanced placement classes.

Most classes offered at DFHS are college preparatory and grade level which are what some people would categorize as normal or regular classes.

Then there’s the honors and advanced placement classes which are weighted higher and are for the students who wish to prepare themselves for college in a more advanced way.

Most students take at least one math, english, science, and social students every year and a foreign language for 2 or 3 years.

The average student takes PE for only 1 year and most of the time it’s during their

freshman year. Many of the school athletes enjoy taking weight lifting and physical education classes to boost their skills and stamina.

Arts include classes such as drama, art classes, dance, and music classes. Last, but not least computer includes classes such as typing, computer business, and design. You must have at least one credit in each of these to graduate

High school majors also play a big role in IGP planning. Planning your career is an important step for the future and yearly meetings with your guidance counselor will keep you on track.

Your major is what paves the road to what extra classes you are going to be taking that

upcoming year.

Be sure to discuss the details about your career with your guidance counselor before deciding on classes.

One last piece of advice for anyone who’s going to their IGP to plan is to choose some classes that you will enjoy and are comfortable with taking. No one wants to go to school and take all classes that may be too difficult or too easy, so make sure to challenge yourself pick them wisely.

Aim to succeed and stay on the right path; the rest of high school will guide you in the right direction towards your career.


Different dress codes

By: Jamie Mason, Lacee Getter, Maddie Mason

As fashion changes throughout the year, it does not go unnoticed how much the dress code affects the students.

At Dutch Fork, the dress code has ranged, but it is obvious that the dress code is slightly more strict than other schools.

The dress code makes it so that girl’s shorts, skirts and dresses have to be I.D. length, which in brief means that most of that clothing has to be past your knee.

Although this may be an appropriate addition to the dress code, it is sometimes hard for girls to find shorts and dresses longer than their ID.

There is a rule that tanktops have to be the width of at least 2 inches and that you can not wear spaghetti strap tank tops or anything too revealing and males must have sleeves. This part of the dress code is easily agreeable because it is common sense to not wear revealing clothing to school, most students already know not to wear certain clothing to school.

Students may not wear hats or any kind of headgear along with wearing costumes unless it is a school related event.

Even though students are to follow the dress code, the real question is, do they actually follow it?

Most of the time, students get used to the dress code and wear what they are supposed to wear everyday, but there are some students who do not follow the dress code and get away with it.

A lot of the time it is easy to tell that students do not follow the dress code, sometimes females dresses are too short, their jeans are ripped all the way up their leg, or their shirts are cut way too low. Also, males “sag” their pants most of the time.

There are many students who do not follow the dress code and that is simply because most teachers do not notice or they do not say anything about the outfit the student could be wearing. Although some teachers are very strict about it, there are others who don’t care what their students wear.

The fact that some teachers may not notice what their students are wearing or may not care about what the students wear makes them think that they can wear whatever they want to school.

Some students may think they can wear what they want, but students should also know limits on what to wear to school. They should know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate enough to wear to school, they should not come to school feeling like they might be told to change into something else.

If students do not choose to abide by the dress code, there is an alternative of scrubs and a t-shirt issued by administration.

Although the dress code is somewhat strict, it makes it so that Dutch Fork is a good learning community.


Studying hot spot closing down

By: Jamie Mason, Maddie Mason, Lacee Getter 

Due to the property and store owner being unable to agree on an extension for the lease, Barnes & Noble, a coveted study hotspot and a popular bookstore, will be coming to a close.

Barnes & Noble has been a place where teens, adults, elementary school kids, and many other people have gone to study and purchase books. It has always been the ideal study place with the quiet atmosphere and the Starbucks cafe.

Because of it’s peaceful aura, students from all over, including Dutch Fork have always gone to Barnes & Noble to study, work on projects, and work on homework together.

Business at Barnes & Noble has always been steady, with the many new and classic books they have to offer and the Starbucks cafe, people from all over could grab a cup of coffee and try out a new book.

But now Barnes & Noble will sadly be going out of business, the store has offered discounts on many books, planners, calendars, and many other items. The sale prices will bump down towards the closing date. Although everything in the store is not on sale yet, certain books and different items marked with white stickers are the deals most customers have been searching for.

With the closing date set for Dec. 2013, the store has seemed to gain more customers and business due to the majority of items being on sale.

Even though the store is closing, the deals are great and goes from thirty percent to forty percent and finally fifty percent towards the end of December when the store is due to close. These deals will be ideal for shopping.

Finding a study place after Barnes & Noble closes will be hard for some people, but many places offer alternatives.

The new library in Ballentine will be a perfect place to study, as well as the Starbucks on Harbison Boulevard and 2nd and Charles, a second hand book store, also located on Harbison Boulevard.

Many students are saddened by the news of the store closing  and many people have flocked to the store getting in as much time as they can until the store closes.

There are many rumors of what is going to be put in Barnes & Noble’s place, but so far it has been determined that a Nordstrom Rack will be put in place of Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble has not said if they are moving to a new location, but for those who are huge Barnes & Noble fans, there is always the one in Sandhills.

It is extremely sad that Irmo’s favorite study spot is coming to a close, but hopefully we can all find an alternative.


App Review: QuizUp

By: Maddie Mason

The new app QuizUp has become a big hit in the past couple of weeks.

It is a trivia app that can be fun for anybody, the app can be used for students, adults, little kids and more. With up to 284 topics to choose from, this app definitely has everything a person might enjoy.

Topics range from One Direction all the way to the human body.

Quiz up is a very interesting app because it is fun, but yet it is still educational. The app can help people study and learn new things.

The app can be very difficult but with enough playing time it is easy to get caught up with the rest of the crowd.

In the app, you can personalize your account by putting a picture of yourself and playing with friends through Facebook. QuizUp also allows messaging, with messaging people are able to talk back and forth.

The app is a good way to play with friends and family from different locations.

After playing the app a couple times, it was awesome that I learned something new every time.

While playing against someone, QuizUp gives you four choices and sometimes a picture. The picture is a great visual because it helps being able to know what the item or person is. During the game, the players are also timed per question.

Although it can be difficult at times, the timer gives the players a challenge.

When players are competing, it can get very competitive, not knowing one answer can easily set someone back and possibly cause them to lose the match.

Quizup is meant to be a fun trivia game to play with friends, but it can really help a student learn information about a certain subject they may need more help on in class.

The app can be very addictive and may cause a person who has never enjoyed trivia that much to begin to enjoy it more and more.

Quizup is a very fun and entertaining game with many purposes. Overall, this app is a fun learning tool that anybody could begin playing.