by Eddie Bates, Michaela Baker, Kirsten Arnoult

This past weekend I was told I had to go to what they call SAMP or Attemdance makeup.  It’s held in the computer classes downstairs with a report time of 7:30 a.m. However, it may be early, that wasn’t the problem that stood out to me.

As I sat in the somewhat cold room, I was told I couldn’t talk, look on my phone, or sleep. That isn’t a big deal but I realized that is how the students with Saturday detentions were treated. The difference between SAMP and Saturday detentions are the reasons we are there. Saturday detentions are used for punishment where attendance makeup is to get the sitting time you need to graduate. So why are we treated the same?

Attendance Makeup in my opinion should be used but when teachers or administrators use this as a day where they can get paid for sitting there, doesn’t mean they should force us to just sit there as well. Students should be allowed to be educated and maybe do some activities,  because that is what school is about expanding your mind, not sitting there looking at a wall. Sleeping would have expanded my mind more than sitting there looking at a wall and a black computer screen for 4 hours.

I also found out that you can only have a certain number of excused absences and parent notes don’t count. But what happens if you were at a mandatory press conference for your dad’s new job, or if you were throwing up but didn’t go to the doctor? Sometimes people won’t always have a doctor’s excuse, a parent should be able to confirm the reasoning for the absence.

I personally think that we should have a larger absence total or allow parent notes to have a purpose other than just being looked at and thrown away. Students can’t help if they are sick or have to be somewhere that doesn’t allow you to have a doctors note or whatever the standards are for an “excusable” note.