By Eddie Bates

Honestly the work after the AP Exams are unnecessary and just busy work to add buffer grades and AP students deserve the down time.

When essays, projects, practice tests and the cramming of what seems like an inhuman amount of knowledge for a college exam that we take two weeks before every other class makes up the year for us and we do need the down time.

When you consider the type of people that take these courses they are the brightest and usually are higher up in the Honor classes than the other average students. The classes should be made into “study halls” where the students can study for all of their other exams. The 90 minutes every other day is huge time to study and get your facts straight for other exams. With the release of the iPads this year maybe there is a fear that without this busy work the class will devolve into Smash Hit and 2048 but even though it may happen the more simple solution is to be aware of the constant tapping and swiping that does not go along with studying.

The extra work is usually explained as “buffer grades” to help pad the numbers for the end of the year, but by this point one test or an extra project to eat up the four or five days would not make that much of a difference in a student’s grade if they have doing what they should have through the year. If they needed it to please their parents then why have they not been shooting for it through the previous 30 weeks.

The only class that should have work after the exam is US History, which is understandable because we still have to take the EoC so the extra work and review is built in, but even then the EoC is redundant because we have already taken one exam for the test. Why do AP students have to take two exams on the same topic.