By Kirsten Arnoult

With the new building for athletics being the hit around the school, questions about the whereabouts of this new founded money are starting to come about.

As pleased as I am with the new beautiful building that constains a physical therapy lab, new locker rooms, new washing rooms, all the coaches offices, a couple classrooms, and weight rooms. With this new building, what is dutch fork going to do with all the extra space?

Mrs. Medlock-Greene made a statement about the arrangements that were planned in the past. The dance room would be moved to the wrestling room, the silver screen room would be moved to a bigger classroom.

“I think it’s really nice. It frees up area for the drama room which would be behind the stage. And the drama room would open into computer labs,” said Dr. Gregory Owings. “There are going to be a lot of renovations. I think it will ultimately help out the whole school.”

When this conversation was occurring I couldn’t help but wonder was would these plans actually help the school or just make is look nice and where is this money was coming from to make these plans.

Dr. Owings confirmed that every one or two years they have people vote on bond referendums.

With the money coming from this source, the only problem I am having is when will the construction be done and will the construction be problematic to the education of the students?

Often, loud noise and blocked off passageways come with construction, so this would also cause a hindrance for everyone to get to class on time as well.

Overall  I think the outcome of all the construction will benefit the school but the process in getting there might not be as beneficial.