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Dutch Fork Lacrosse takes one final shot at the state championship

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Go Flash Win

An entire season of determination and hard work by the boys’ lacrosse team culminated in the first ever appearance in the 5A state championship game. On April 28, the team played in the sweltering afternoon heat against Wando High School, and despite the fact that they did not get the intended result, the experience itself proved to be quite valuable. Continue reading “Dutch Fork Lacrosse takes one final shot at the state championship”

Years of experience to come in handy as soccer heads towards playoffs

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Go Flash Win

For one last time, the seniors of Dutch Fork soccer will head into the playoff gauntlet, hoping to end their senior season with a state championship. After four years of practices, workouts, and game experience, it all comes down to a series of one-and-done games, with a loss meaning their career as Dutch Fork soccer players have come to an end. Playoffs are beginning next Tuesday, and the seniors are doing what they can to prepare the team for one final run. Continue reading “Years of experience to come in handy as soccer heads towards playoffs”

Dutch Fork artists head for Europe

Story by Alexandria Session and Grace Whisman

“Well it’s not like we are going to tons of art museums like our last trip, but we are going to be seeing a lot of historical sites which is a lot about what we talk about in art history, art architecture, and how its changed over the centuries. We are also going to be viewing a glass blowing demo in Vienna,” Chason said. Continue reading “Dutch Fork artists head for Europe”

Four boxes in the commons

Story by Laura Santos, Photo provided by Kelly Payne

Four big brown boxes in front of columns in the commons. The boxes are Beta Club book bag donations now through the end of the school year.  

“We put little boxes around the school and anyone can put in backpacks they are not using or not using and we give them to resurrections nonprofit who work for Saint Mary’s that works downtown,” freshman Nicholas Ciriello said. Continue reading “Four boxes in the commons”

CESA donates to special needs

Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Ta’nya Davis

Carolina Exceptional Student Alliance (CESA)donated money to the self-contained special education classroom. With the 1,200 dollar donation, the classroom uses it to buy equipment and services. Continue reading “CESA donates to special needs”

Net neutrality repeal creates conversation, and causes controversy

Story and Photo by Justice Nawman

Slower internet speeds, paid premium packages for free forms of entertainment, and the restriction of certain websites once open to the public are just some of the harsh realities Americans will now possibly have to face. A new plan first introduced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Dec. 14, 2017, could possibly repeal what society knows as net neutrality. Continue reading “Net neutrality repeal creates conversation, and causes controversy”

Avengers: Infinity War leaves fans excited for next installment

Story by Caroline Harvey

With the opening weekend of the newest Avengers film, an electric buzz of excitement filled the air of theaters across the world. Parking spaces were scarce, ticket queues extended past stanchions, and reserved seating sold out within days as fans and moviegoers alike flocked to see if the movie was as intense as the trailers let on. Continue reading “Avengers: Infinity War leaves fans excited for next installment”

Dance department showcases talents from throughout the year

Story and Photos by Alexandria Sessions

Hard work to any dancer is being able to stick that landing, stay on beat, and mirror the emotions of a song into the choreography, and this is exactly what the Dutch Fork dance department accomplished on Thursday and Friday night. Continue reading “Dance department showcases talents from throughout the year”

Senior field day

Story by Destiny White, Photo by Kiley Fine Continue reading “Senior field day”

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