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Violence takes its turn in schools across America

Photo and Graph by Grace Whisman Continue reading “Violence takes its turn in schools across America”

Cadets thrilled for the military ball

Photo and Story by Destiny White Continue reading “Cadets thrilled for the military ball”

Love is in the air

Story by Tyeoyna Anderson, Photo by Grace Whisman Continue reading “Love is in the air”

Club members say they feel safe at club meetings

Story and Design by Laura Santos

Students feel no need to react to a school threat because their clubs are more important. Resource officers do not stay after school; their workday ends at the same time as students. Administration stays at school with students for after-school activities, such as clubs. Administrators are in the building, usually walking around and checking the hallways after school. Administrators say they want to keep students safe while at school, anytime throughout the day. Continue reading “Club members say they feel safe at club meetings”


Story and Photo by Destiny White Continue reading “Senioritis”

Chorus Concert

Story by Tyeoyna Anderson,  Photos by Christian Banks Continue reading “Chorus Concert”

Top 5 movie releases of 2018

Story by Michelle Lane

For movie goers, 2018 is looking to be good year. Many films have been announced and people are stoked for this year’s new releases. Continue reading “Top 5 movie releases of 2018”

JROTC runs Miss Silver Fox Pageant

Story by Adell Pitts and Laura Santos, Photo by Laura Santos

Blue and white balloons cover the entrance to the auditorium last Saturday. Junior ROTC set up the Miss Silver Fox Pageant. From the blue and white balloon arch, to running the concession stand, to helping out the contestants and moving props on the stage.    Continue reading “JROTC runs Miss Silver Fox Pageant”

Students practice new forms of intruder drills

Story by Jada Metze

Even though this was only a drill, there were still concerns on what was happening during With all of the recent school shootings that have been happening around the US, Dutch Fork High School is doing its best to prepare their students and staff for these types of situations as best as they possibly can.

Continue reading “Students practice new forms of intruder drills”

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