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Dazzlers Help Hurricane Victims

With the devastation in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, the Dutch Fork Dazzlers hope to help victims.   Continue reading “Dazzlers Help Hurricane Victims”


Story by Justice Newman, Photo by Warner Otto


The smell of waffle fries fills the air, the familiar sounds of “My pleasure,” from the employees remind customers that it really is a treat to serve them, and the atmosphere is one that makes you feel at home. These are just some of the things a person can experience when coming to Chick-fil-A. At Dutch Fork High School, Chick-fil-A has proven to be a staple in a teenager’s daily life. Breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, this restaurant is crowded with students and their families who crave relaxation after a long day and a chance to catch up. While there are countless restaurants that one can go to, Chick-fil-A is a place that never really gets old, no matter how many times you eat there. Continue reading “Chick-fil-A”

10 questions with administrative assistant principal Justin Thomas

Continue reading “10 questions with administrative assistant principal Justin Thomas”

Opportunistic Defense Leads Fort Dorchester over Dutch Fork

Story by Steven Wise, Photo by  Go Flash Me


Last Friday’s game did not go as planned for the Silver Foxes as Patriot quarterback Dakereon Joyner and company forged out a win.

Continue reading “Opportunistic Defense Leads Fort Dorchester over Dutch Fork”

Students talk about their feelings on Chromebooks


Written by Warner Otto


Instead of students having school IPads this year, students now have school Chromebooks instead. This can be a huge transition, especially to the students who were here last year and used an IPad However, for freshman it makes no difference because they weren’t here to use the IPads last year. According to freshman Dylan Cameron he’s never used an school IPad, so he doesn’t know the difference. Continue reading “Students talk about their feelings on Chromebooks”

Chromebooks VS IPads

Story and Photo by Justice Nawman

With a new school year comes new changes. For the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, students were greeted by new administration, modified school policies, and their very own laptop. Continue reading “Chromebooks VS IPads”

First Day of School

Story by Warner Otto

Foxes new and returning come back for 17-18 school year. There are fresh faces coming in as the new freshmen come into their first year of high at Dutch Fork. According to freshman Marcus Leano he prepares for the first day of school by fixing his sleep schedule and starts studying.

Continue reading “First Day of School”

Seniors take one step closer to graduation

Story by Lindsay Long, Destiny White, and Hannah Wright

    With the much anticipated day of graduation coming up, seniors are becoming ecstatic and anxious for the upcoming weeks. Continue reading “Seniors take one step closer to graduation”

Juniors and senior prepare for crucial assessment

Story by Justice Nawman, Warner Otto, and Max Franks

As juniors and seniors await the end of the year, they prepare for yet another standardized assessment. The SAT tests students on their abilities in various subjects, such as math and English. Some students study extensively for this test, but all students have different methods of preparing for a test like this. For some, that can simply be paying attention in class. Continue reading “Juniors and senior prepare for crucial assessment”

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