By Hayley Younginer, Robin Hendricks and Madison Metts

After making it to playoffs, the Girls’ Varsity Softball Team must win their next three games to become district champions.

“It’s been our best season so far,” junior Maya Shami said. “We beat our record last year for the most wins.”

So far the team has played two playoff games:  one against Carolina Forest High School on Thursday, 1 May which ended in Dutch Fork’s favor 5-0; and one against Bluffton High School on Saturday, 3 May which ended in Bluffton’s favor 3-2.

“We play Carolina Forest next,” junior Tiffany Leslie said. “And to make sure we get the win, we need to stay confident and get our bats going as soon as possible.”

If the team does not win their next game against Carolina Forest High school, they will not be out of the running for district champions, but considering they just beat them five to nothing Thursday, their team and their strategy is nothing they have not seen before.

If the Dutch Fork team wins, their next two games will be against Bluffton High School on Wednesday, 7 May, and those two games will determine the outcome of the playoffs; if Dutch Fork wins these, they will become district champions.

“Some strengths are being able to come together as a team and get results that we want.  Our defense is pretty solid, we just have to settle down at times,” Tiffany said.  “A weakness is getting our bats going at the beginning of the games to get an early lead, but it eventually comes together.”

Maya agrees with her fellow teammate about how the team needs to improve.

“The team just really needs to improve on hitting and our confidence,” Maya said.

Despite those minor flaws, the Girls’ Varsity Softball team’s season has been very good this year, one of the best in the history of the team.

“Our game[,] our season this year has gone good,” junior Jennifer Shearouse said.  “Coach Epps said that this is the best season she has had.”

A number of factors make this team strong and make this season stand out from all the others.

“[Our] strong points are defense and our ‘spirit’ and cheering,” Maya said. “But mostly defense.”

This year’s girls’ varsity softball team does not only want to be the best for the glory–they want it for sentimental reasons as well.

“This team differs from last year because I feel like we wanna win if for the seniors more than we’ve ever wanted to before in the past years,” Maya said.

This drive to win not just for the team in general, but for the seniors so they have a great final season to remember for years to come, has made this season the best one in Dutch Fork history.  It has made this season one that has a very good chance of ending with a district championship.

“The season has gone well, a lot better than past seasons,” Tiffany said.  “We have taken losses that we shouldn’t have, but that has made us stronger and a more dedicated team.  Our record is 21-6 and we hope to keep improving during playoffs.”