The Silver Foxes anticipate another record season after their first game against Greenwood, where Dutch Fork dominated 45-19.

“I think we did really well on offense and defense. There were a couple turnovers that we had; but overall we still did pretty well

and we were able to get the win,” junior Bryan Singleton said.

After practicing for the duration of the summer and creating new plays, the team is very confident about their ability to win games

and have a successful season.

“Our strengths were making plays. We all made plays on offense and on defense,” sophomore Bobby Irby said.

If this game is an indicator of how the rest of the season will go, hopes are high that Silver Foxes can pull out another promising

season, and make it to state as they have for the past two years. After their first state championship win last year against Sumter,

both the school and the team have higher expectations.

“I think we have a good chance to make it back to state,” Bryan said.

With high expectations comes a lot of pressure for players to repeat last year’s season, or even the 2012-13 season, in which the

Silver Foxes made it to state for the first time. Despite losing starting quarterback Derek Olenchuk, players are still confident that

they can pull off a great season.

“Everybody knows we can do it again so there is no pressure to do it. We have the players on offense and defense to win it. And the

coaching staff is great,” Senior Brandon Turner said.

The team is full of talented players, who the school hopes will help them have another great season. Among them is Matt Colburn,

who recently committed to the University of Louisville, and who proved in this last game that he is still as good as ever.

But despite the natural talent of the players, the team has to focus on making consistently solid plays.

“We just have to continue making plays, giving up less points, and less turnovers,” Bobby said.

Even though the Foxes appear to be on track for another state championship, there are still some elements that will need to be

improved throughout the season. However, it’s a promising start to a season that will continue as the team heads to Texas this


“I’m convinced that we’ll be back to back champs this year,” Brandon said. “We’ve got the momentum and the potential and just

the overall attitude to do great again this year.”