By Hayley Younginer, Madison Metts, and Robin Hendricks

The Dutch Fork Girls Varsity Soccer Team won the region with a record of 17-2 including out of region games, beginning their travel on the road to state as playoffs begin tonight.

After beating its main rival in the region, the Lexington Wildcats, the team hopes to go all the way in the class 4A bracket.

“We made it to playoffs because of our hard work and teamwork throughout the season,” freshman Abby Bass said.

With previous experience in high school playoffs for the past four years, senior Abby DeMare says that her favorite part of playoffs this year is the ability to host them at home.

With three games in one week, the opponents are brand new competition with their strongest and weakest points unknown to the Lady Foxes, posing a threat.

Out high point is our dedication and teamwork on and off the field. We work as a unit and are all so close,” junior Mary-Jordan Hiller said. “The team unity we have really reflects on the field.”

Hopes run high to make it to the Lower State Finals next Monday against predicted rival, Wando High School. The Lady Foxes have history with Wando, having lost to them in playoffs for the past three years.

“Our biggest competition is Wando because they are a well developed team and are pretty consistent on how they play, which is really good,” Mary-Jordan said.

In order to overcome Wando and battle their way to state, the team must begin to focus on building up their weakness–finishing.

“We are a very close team and have strong players at every position, as long as we can finish we should be good,” senior Audrey Hodge said.

Along with the repetition of playoffs comes the new brutal weather which these athletes will have to run in for 90 minutes straight.

“Hydrating helps you finish a game at your highest level of performance without losing water,” junior Karis Casterline said.

Along with this weather comes other issues such as the long bus ride to the lower state finals which will be held at Wando High School in Charleston.

“Every year for lower state finals the team has to drive to Wando which is three hours. It would be better if it was a home game so we could rest and have a big crowd,” senior Abby DeMare said.

Going head-to-head, the outcome of the Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team is anxiously anticipated.

“As long as we have the right attitude going into each game I think we can go far,” Audrey said. “We have a strong chance at winning state.”