Cases in Mock Trial heat up

As the Mock Trial meeting comes to order, club members prepare themselves to learn how to debate, present themselves, and defend their case on the floor. Mock Trial has encouraged students to become confident in the hot seat.

“Basically, every meeting we do different things.  Either we prepare our direct or cross examinations with our witnesses and we collaborate with them or we start preparing our opening and closing statements and that is exactly what we’re doing today,” junior Twinkle Loungani said.

Mock Trial has been a prominent club at Dutch Fork middle and high school, attracting new members each year to the excitement of defending a case.

“This is my fourth year in mock trial.  I started in middle school.  I didn’t really want to, but my friends pressured me into it.  But it turned out that I actually really loved it so I kind of stuck to it.  And the past two years, I’ve gotten Most Effective Witness so I guess I’m pretty good at what I do,” junior Zoey Johnson said.

All of the preparation and practicing Mock Trial accumulates does not go to waste, the club eagerly prepares for competitions each year to show off their skills.

“Right now, we’re getting ready to compete at the regional competition where we go and try half the case against other schools, and they’ll have their half of the case prepared and we hope to be able to make it on state and then maybe nationals,” sophomore Alan Wilbur said.

Students have different roles in the club to practice for future careers or just for fun. The choices are endless, from lawyer to witness, everyone has a role and a specific duty for each role.

“If you wanted to become an attorney, which is what I am, we did an opening statement and we also did a direct examination and basically what we did through auditions was to mimic what really happens in a court trial.  So with the opening statement, I gave an introduction of our case and then I had to ask brief questions with a witness,” Twinkle said.

Many students have found a career path through Mock Trial and share their reasons for joining the club.

“Because I want to be a lawyer and I thought it would be good practice and I plan on majoring in political science in college and minoring in psychology,” junior Lexis McNeal said.

Mock Trial is a way to gain skills for a future career or just meet some new friends, the club is wide open and always accepts new members.

“I would recommend [people who are interested in pursuing a career in law to join mock trial] because it’s very exciting; it’s very different and it’s a great learning experience, Twinkle said. “I mean it has its struggles on its way but essentially it’s something that you can learn from.”