By Maddie Mason, Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick, Mendy Harris

New facilities, bigger rooms, better weights, and more opportunities grace the health science department.  The new health science building will be available to all students and faculty next school year of 2014-2015.

The new building features new health science classrooms, new facilities for weightlifting, larger more accessible locker rooms, new presentation rooms.

“In here, we’ve got nice meeting rooms and the presentation room, where we can get the whole team in an auditorium seating,” head football coach Tommy Knotts said.  “We’ve got the nice new weight room and nice new locker room.  Everything is nice and I hope the kids will appreciate it and work that much harder because what the district did for our athletic program and our health science program is truly special.”

The new facility also benefist the drama department.

“I think drama will benefit because they are making a new room (renovating old locker rooms and moving drama closer to the auditorium),” junior Kyra Ross-El said. “Basically a new environment for us to work in.  We really do need some renovations done, so I’m glad that they are making a new place for us.”

More space is now available for the health science department to accommodate the large class size.

“Whenever we have speakers come in, we don’t have enough room. So definitely having a presentation room will benefit us,” junior Ashlin Parnell said.

Although some are excited, concerns about favoritism towards the football department develop.

“It hasn’t affected my learning environment because I just go in there for the gym,” junior Jason Maxwell said.  “Being a basketball player all we do is weight lift.  My honest opinion is that the building is mainly for football players and that none of the other sports benefit from it.”

Coach Knotts says differently.

“I really don’t know all the uses of this building,” Knotts said.  “I know coach Harvey’s program will be in here and have state of the art training room.  Then there are four mini classrooms that can be used for meetings.  Then you can pull the dividers up and have room for physical activity.  So I don’t know what all the plans are for the building, but it can certainly be used for a lot more things than football.”