by Maddie Mason, Mendy Harris, Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick
The last bell of the day resonates through out the halls but cannot be heard over the quiet roar of the students.  Moments later, silence flows through the halls of Dutch Fork, signaling the start of Spring Break.

“I spent a lot of time with my family and relaxing.  I was able to go out to lunch with friends.  I also went dorm shopping for college,” senior Elena Martin said

Students agree the week long vacation is beneficial as the end of the year approaches.

“We all need a break between winter break and summer. I was getting stressed out and it was just good to take some time off,” junior Andrew Brehmer said

Even though spring break is only one week long, junior Glenn Niles III believes that it is an essential part of the school year.

“Spring break is essential for students.  Like cabin fever, school fever can mess with the senses.  Students work hard and spring break is one of the payments for work ethic,” Glenn said.

Students also believe that it is important to have the week off to prepare for upcoming work.

“Although spring break is a tease. I believe our brains need a break from all the classwork and to mentally prepare ourselves for the final projects and exams,” junior Briana Barney said.

Traditionally Spring Break is one week along, but students face conflicts with that amount of time.

“I think it should be longer because some people go to see their families far away for Easter and then they don’t really get to spend Easter with them because they have to be back for school the next day,” Andrew said.

The break is a time to relax and unwind before the last few weeks of the school year.

“People should chill and enjoy [spending time with] friends and family during spring break.” Glenn said. “They should do any and everything fun such as camping, taking a trip to the beach or catching up on tv shows.”

Coming back to school was very difficult for some.

“After a week of relaxation, a full week of school was like death.  It’s a terrible tease before summer,” Briana said.

Others agree that the break could possibly cause students to fall back on school work.

“I think it does make us fall slightly behind but not enough to where we lose an entire year of knowledge in a weeks period,” Elena said.

Glenn thinks that students should stay focused by knowing that the end of the year is already here.

“I stay focused by understanding that time is flying by in the year because the end is already here.” Glenn said. “Everyone can see the finish line and it is about going through the wall to the victorious summer.  The incentive should be in making every grade count simply because for what it counts for [in the end].”